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Clothing FAQ

How do I keep warm during the cooler months while riding a bike?
The core cyclists uniform is a jersey and pair of knicks. While ideal for warmer months, you obviously need some extra clothes for the cooler months or occasions.
This is achieved by layering. There are short and long sleeve undergarments, vests, light weight jackets, arm-,knee- or leg-warmers and tights.
The summer cycling cap can be swapped for a beanie while if your feet are cold you can consider over-socks or booties. Also the fingerless gloves can be swapped for full fingered gloves.

Do you wear underwear beneath you cycling apparel?
See above and remember that knicks are worn next to the skin i.e. without underwear.
Cycling knicks are designed so there are no raised seams near any joints (eg. between your legs or behind your knees). This eliminates the risk of chaffing.

Why do cyclists wear lycra & Is it possible to look good in lycra?
Lycra is the fabric of choice for cyclists because of the comfort factor.
Whilst lycra may not be particularly flattering on some body shapes it is not a good idea to wear lycra knicks that are past their use-by date as they will reveal more of the anatomy than intended.

To what extent should my cycling attire be colour co-ordinated?
It should be co-ordinated which means coordinating the jersey, arm warmers, socks, and caps.
If you take matters seriously you may consider footwear that contributes to the “look” as well.

Should I wear gloves?
This is a matter of personal preference but anything that contributes to improving your comfort on the bike should be considered.
Wearing gloves is a good idea and most gloves these days have added padding in the palm area to make riding for longer distances more comfortable.
Gloves will assist in keeping your hands/fingers warm in cool conditions and should you be unfortunate enough to come off your bike, gloves will somewhat protect your hands.

Should sunglasses sit inside or outside the helmet strap?
If you wish to emulate the professional rider, then outside the helmet strap (apparently, so that the manufacturer’s logo can be seen).
If you do not wish to take style tips from the pros then it is your personal choice.