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Club Info FAQ

How do I become a member? Cost?
The easiest way to become a member is to apply online through the Cycling Australia website.
There are various categories of membership. The most common are silver membership for recreational cyclists and gold membership for racing cyclists.
The cost of a 12 month silver membership is $77.
Gold memberships are age based and are only valid for a calendar year – generally the cost is $220-$281.
A lower fee structure applies for juniors.

What advantages are there in becoming a member?
A full listing is set out on the Membership page.
Membership is mandatory if you wish to race while the insurance coverage is an attractive feature for many recreational cyclists.

Do I need to be a member to join the 8am Sunday ride?
Riders do not need to be a member to participate in these rides.
However if you find these rides to your liking and become a repeat participant, then it is expected that you will give membership serious consideration.

Are there particular ride guidelines I should adhere to?
Yes, please read of club’s Code of Conduct page

Where do you ride?
The majority of our rides are on roads and only occasionally will we ride on bike paths.
Please visit the following link which shows a number of local routes club members often ride.
MCC Website - Local Routes

What if I can’t keep up on the 8am Sunday ride?
This ride is intended to provide a gentle introduction for those new or returning to the sport of cycling.
The group or individual riders will adjust their pace to accommodate your current fitness level.
Depending upon how well you are coping (the ride is approx. one hour duration), the route may be varied/shortened to your needs.

What sort of bike can I ride on the 8am Sunday ride?
Most riders use road bikes although mountain and hybrids are welcome.
The advantage of the road bike over the other two is it’s a more efficient/suitable option for road based riding.

What should I wear on the 8am Sunday ride?
Most riders will wear their lycra based clothing which is ideally suited for riding a road bike.
If you are riding a mountain or hybrid bike then you will need to wear something that is comfortable and appropriate for the weather conditions.

Must I stop for coffee after the ride?
No. However the advantages are you will get to know others in the community/club, make friends, talk about the ride & bike related matters,
increase your bike knowledge and mix with like-minded souls.
Whilst coffee is the most popular beverage for the post-ride discussion, there are other options available (for those non-coffee drinkers).

Do I need to purchase a club jersey?
A club jersey is desirable as it enhances the sense of belonging to the group and promotes our club sponsors.
During organised events where you are permitted to wear your own jersey, the Melton design is quite recognisable in a crowd of other cyclists.

What if I want to race?
In order to race you must have a gold (racing) licence or a three ride permit.
Before your first race you should have a reasonable fitness base which you could assess by training with racing cyclists.
Most racing disciplines offer come and try days and novices often race under supervised conditions while they are taught the necessary race craft.
For further information about racing please see our Racing section

How do I prepare for racing?
It is probably advisable that you seek out a racing cyclist and quiz them about their experiences.
Cycling Victoria has prepared a training guide (A Beginner's Guide to Racing (PDF)), which you should find quite useful..

Does the Club have a coach?
The club has two AusCycle Level 1 accredited coaches. Their current focus is establishing the Breeze Rides - see below.

Does the Club offer women specific rides or events?

The club offers women specific rides through the Breeze Rides - Western Suburbs program.
For further BREEZE information,please visit their website or Facebook page.