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General FAQ

Should I insure my bike?
This is something you should consider, perhaps as part of your home and contents insurance.
Regardless of insurance or not, it is worthwhile taking photos of your bike, including photos of its serial number and any custom items or scratches/marks that may be used to help identify the bike, should it be stolen.

When should I apply sunscreen?
Living in a SunSmart part of the world, it is strongly advisable to wear sunscreen whenever UV levels are moderate to high - particularly during the warmer months.

Should I wax or shave my legs?
Again a matter of personal preference however if you take your style tips from the pros then you will limit your bike appearances with excessively hairy legs.
Whilst the age old myth is that a shaved leg is more aerodynamic, there is no proven data to confirm this.
In reality, the pro's shave their legs for two reasons:
 - after a fall, road-rash on a shaved leg is easier to clean up and maintain than on a hairy leg
 - massage is more comfortable with a shaved leg and less oil is required as a result

How much food and water will I need?
You should ensure you are sufficiently hydrated before your ride and also carry adequate water or fluids on your bike for during the ride.
You may also consider some further “fuel” for the ride in the form of energy bars, gels, fruit cake, etc. so that your energy levels remain buoyant.
The longer the ride the greater your consumption of these items, so you should plan your fluid and food requirements accordingly.

Do you ride in adverse weather?
Cycling is an all-weather sport that is undertaken all year long and in whatever conditions prevail at the time.
Anyone who has ridden in and around Melton will know that it is unusual to have light winds.
Generally strong winds are not a problem unless riding in a group, in which case extra care should be taken to maintain straight lines to the best of your ability.
While all of us would prefer to ride in pleasant conditions, there will be occasions when we are caught out by an unexpected weather change.
If that happens, it is unavoidable that you will get wet and you will need to adapt to the conditions as best as you can.
If on the other hand, weather forecasts are predicting the strong likelihood of rain, as opposed to possible showers, then riders should assume any organised rides for that day are cancelled.