Remember, participation counts first!
Even elite athletes were once beginners, so don’t worry about being slower or less experienced than other riders.

Membership provides you with a number of benefits including:

  • Comprehensive personal accident insurance 
  • Personal public liability cover 
  • Public liability cover for all promoters, clubs, officials and volunteers 
  • Competition opportunities all year round in all disciplines and in all categories from junior and novice through to elite and masters 
  • Access to state and national level competition 
  • Club and national newsletters 
  • Access to social events 
  • Access to fully qualified and accredited coaches 
  • Access to development infrastructure 
  • The opportunity to represent your club, your state and Australia in the sport of cycling 
  • The enjoyment of a healthier lifestyle whilst improving and developing your skills and fitness in a competitive environment. 

Join online at the Cycling Australia website

Further information about the various memberships available can be located here

It is worth noting the three different types of license available:
  • Silver Ride - For recreational cyclists (Adult, Junior, Seniors & KIDZ).
  • Gold Race - For racing cyclists (categories by age from Juniors to Masters and everything in between).
  • Platinum - For coaches, officials and administrators working in cycling.

Cyclists wishing to join the Melton Cycling Club and who do not have any racing ambitions, the Silver Ride license is all you require.
Those that will regularly participate in racing should consider purchasing a Gold Race license (which is required to enter races).

Day-Passes or 3-Race Permits are available for purchase for those Silver Ride members who perhaps wish to try out racing to see if they like it before upgrading to a Gold license.
Generally, these Day Passes/3-Race Permits can be purchased on the day from the registrations desk at the race event.

If you have any questions please contact the Club President or General Member (New Member Services)