A racing member of the Melton Cycling Club has multiple racing opportunities to race on a circuit, the road or a velodrome.

Racing will require you have an appropriate license in order to participate and each form of racing may have it's own requirements
eg. Track racing requires a purpose-built track bike which is different to the standard road bike.

The different forms available to members are:
  • Criterium (Crit) Racing
  • Road Racing
  • (ITT) Individual Time Trials
  • Track Racing

Each form has its own section (see menu on the left), which gives a description of each, along with some local information relating to that form of racing in Melbourne.

Whilst the MCC is not considered a "racing club", the number of members slowly moving into these forms of racing is increasing, so if you are interested in finding out more, feel free to send us an Email, post on our Facebook page or chat to the members during a club ride!

Anyone who is interested in racing is encouraged to read this Beginner's Guide to Racing (PDF) which is taken from the Cycling Victoria website.
This guide contains valuable information related to racing - what to do, what to wear and what to expect (plus more).