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(ITT) Individual Time Trials

The ITT is a specialised form of road racing where each rider rides individually, against the clock. This style of racing is al about you and the bike.
The fastest time to ride the set course wins, so unlike crit, road or track racing, there are no tactical advantages to rely on - it is purely a physical (and mental) test of endurance and strength.

As with the other forms of road racing, riders are generally graded and the fastest rider wins. Unlike the other forms of road racing, a silver membership rider is often able to compete in these events - otherwise a day pass or 3-ride permit can be obtained.

Local Individual Time Trials

Below are a couple of options for those wishing to try out ITT racing in and around Melbourne.

Blackburn CC - 2013 ITT Series (held at Yarra Boulevard in Kew)

Cycling Victoria - 2013 Masters ITT Series (held at various locations around Victoria)