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Three-Ride Permit

A three-ride permit allows a recreational rider to compete in three races.
This is a great way to dip your toes into racing to find out if it is for you, before upgrading to a full Gold race license.

These permits are available from the club (or from most race events on the day of competition) and must be used within 3 months of being activated.
The cost of a three ride permit is $44.

Should a rider decide afterwards to upgrade to a full Gold Race license, the $44 cost of the permit is subtracted from the cost of upgrading to full-Gold.

Gold Membership

A Gold membership to Cycling Australia allows the rider to compete in all Cycling Australia affiliated races (including inter-club races).
Pricing is dependent on the age category of the membership and you should ensure you choose the most appropriate category for you.

Riders over 35 years of age have the option to choose to ride in either the Open category or Masters category.

Open category:  Riders 18 years old or older compete together
Masters category:  Riders 35 years or older compete together (riders between the age of 18-35 must ride in the Open category)

Further information about Cycling Australia memberships/licensing can be found at the Cycling Victoria website