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Road Racing

Road Racing

Over the winter months, races are usually longer and held on open road circuits (often approx. an hour’s drive from Melbourne), where the roads are quieter and the terrain is more varied.

A Melton rider wishing to compete in these events must be accepted into the field (spots may be limited as preference is given to member clubs and volunteers) and have the club’s permission to race. The latter takes the form of a letter signed by a committee member which must be presented upon registration. Note this letter only entitles the rider to participate in the nominated event. Entry into multiple events will require multiple letters.

Road races generally are either graded (all A grade riders racing against each other, etc.) or handicaps where the slower riders leave at different intervals (in bunches) before finally the fastest (scratch) riders set off.  As the circuits are longer and usually contain hills, riders need to have a good all-round level of fitness if they are to be competitive at the end of the race.  Depending on the circuit, race distances can vary from 50km for novice riders to 100km+ for the higher grades.

Local Road Racing

The two main bodies conducting road racing in our vicinity are:

Northern Combine Cycling - 2013 Road Race Fixture

Footscray Cycling Club - 2013 Road Season Fixture

The Northern Combine is a partnership of 8 Cycling Australia affiliated clubs who conduct regular road, track and criterium racing for cyclists of all ages in and around the Melbourne & northern region.
The MCC were a part of this Combine until early 2013 where our numbers of racing members were very small, so the club forfeited their association with the Combine.

MCC members can still apply to race however affiliated Combine members are given first preference to race entries and as race numbers are often limited (due to council permit requirements which limit number of participants), you may not always obtain entry into a race.

The Footscray Cycling Club host their own schedule of road races throughout the winter months and often conduct their races in and around the Balliang area.
Non-Footscray CC members are welcome to race (except for those races marked as MO - Members Only)

Feel free to visit these websites to see when and where the scheduled races are being held.