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Track Racing

Track Racing

Riding a velodrome requires a different (track) bike and a different skill set to either of the above forms of racing.

Track racing is an incredibly specialised indoor event, with a number of disciplines that place as much emphasis on strategy and subtle technique as on physical fitness, power and stamina.

In addition, a purpose-built track bike is required to ride on a velodrome - as a standard road bike is not allowed.
A track bike's main differences are:
  • no quick-release wheels (screw-on only)
  • one fixed gear is used
  • no brakes are used
  • geometry is all about aerodynamics and speed (riders must ride with their hands in the drops)
Within the realm of Track cycling there are also several different race formats (sprint or endurance events), each with their own unique rules and structure.
As a result, Track cycling can be either an individual or team event (or both).

Local Track Cycling

The closest indoor velodrome for Melton CC members is DISC (Darebin International Sports Centre), in Thornbury.

DISC hold regular "Come N Try"  Track cycling days throughout the year, where you can hire a track bike and participate in coached sessions to find out if Track cycling si for you.
To find out when the next session is scheduled visit the Cycling Victoria website

For further information about Track cycling at DISC visit the DISC page on the Cycling Victoria website.

For a complete list of Victorian Velodromes please visit this Cycling Victoria page.
Please note that to ride on any of these tracks (with your own track bike), you must contact the respective club to find out their requirements beforehand.