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Rider Toolkit


Before heading out for a ride there are several things that should be considered.

Have you:
  • dressed appropriately for the day’s riding conditions?
  • recently checked your riding knicks for signs of wear?
  • recently checked your helmet for cracks or splits or obvious damage to the shell?
  • prepared enough fluids to drink during the ride?
  • included some easily digestible foods/energy bars for your longer rides?
  • applied sunscreen, as sun damage can occur at any time of the year?
  • brought your (charged) mobile phone in case you need to be contacted or collected in the case of a mishap?
  • brought enough money to cover the cost of pre-ride or post-ride refreshments?


In the following areas, how do you rate your ability to:
  • ride in a straight line (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • look behind while keeping the bike under control (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • ride with one hand on the bars (so that you can take fluids or food while riding) (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • mount and dismount the bike, particularly if using clipless pedals (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • stay out of the saddle when pedaling (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • scan the environment – awareness of other cyclists, motor vehicle traffic, pedestrians, road hazards, etc. (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • brake safely and quickly (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)
  • effortlessly change between big and small chainrings and select different gears (Very Good | Good | Poor | Very Poor)


Before heading out and joining a group/bunch ride you should be able to comfortably demonstrate that you can:
  • safely follow another rider’s wheel (without overlapping wheels)
  • ride in pairs with a maximum distance of 1.5 meters between riders
  • understand and be able to communicate the various hand and verbal signals (eg. stopping, turning, move right, calling hazards)
  • ride and maintain a consistent speed, matching that of the group
  • obtain a "Good" (or better) rating for each item on the rider self-assessment (as above)